Ultimate Stealth Triple Pack

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Name: Ultimate Stealth Triple Pack

Platform: PS3

Genre: Action Games

Release Date: 31 Oct 2014

RRP: £13.15

Barcode: 5021290066670


THREE AWARD WINNING GAMES IN ONE GREAT PACK with Ultimate Stealth Triple Pack (Thief Hitman Absolution Deus Ex Human Revolution) PS3 THIEF Garrett the Master Thief steps from the shadows into the City With the Baron’s Watch spreading a rising tide of fear and oppression a mysterious sickness grips the streets Led by Orion the voice of the people the citizens rise in bloody revolution Garrett’s thieving skills are all he can trust as he walks the fine line between politics and the people entangled in layers of conflict With time running out the Master Thief unravels a terrible secret from his dark past that ultimately threatens to tear his world apart Garrett never paid the price for anything… until now FEATURES YOU ARE GARRETT THE MASTER THIEF Step into the silent shoes of Garrett a dark and solitary thief with an unrivalled set of skills The most challenging heists the most inaccessible loots the best kept secrets nothing is out of your reach  THE CITY YOURS FOR THE TAKING Explore the sick and troubled City from its shady back alleys to the heights of its rooftops Sneak through the streets infiltrate heavily-guarded mansions and lurk in every dark corner… unnoticed and unsanctioned  CHOOSE YOUR APPROACH Use Garrett’s arsenal to take down guards silently with your blackjack use multiple arrow types to manipulate your environment and the enemies within them or use your newly acquired focus abilities to increase the effectiveness of your thieving skills What kind of Master Thie...