BigBen Farmer's Dynasty

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Name: BigBen Farmer's Dynasty

Platform: PS4

Genre: Farming Simulation Games

Release Date: 22 Nov 2019

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 3499550369304


Remember the good old days visiting your grandfathers farm? The time when you were sitting on your grandfathers tractor together with him driving around and working on your fields You are back on your farm now The past years have been full of work for you in the city but you still remember the good old times when you dreamt of being a farmer This dream is still in your heart Rebuilding grandfathers farm again and building your own Dynasty lets make it come true!LIVE a real farmers life BUILD up your farm your life your family and FARM your fields!FeaturesA unique mix of building farming and life simulationRepair rebuild and expand your farmInteract with the extensive Open World and collect Social PointsFollow unique characters through special quest linesControl original machines and tractors