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Name: Do Not Feed The Monkeys: Collector's Edition

Platform: PS4

Genre: Adventure Games

Release Date: 15 Feb 2020

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 8436566141789


Do Not Feed The Monkeys is a narrative game that can be defined as a digital voyeur simulator. The Primate Observation Club is not a nature conservation society but the visible face of a dark group dedicated to spying on others through surveillance cameras and hacked webcams. Tired of your precarious apartment of a monotonous existence and boring jobs you are accepted in the exclusive organization and finally you can pry into the privacy of the caged monkeys... The club encourages you not to interfere with the privacy of the monkeys but Will you resist Will you help those you spy on Will you blackmail them expose their innermost secrets Or will you simply follow instructions and just observe Be careful because everything you do will have consequences... Monitor webcams and surveillance cameras. Snoop through the lives of a multitude of monkeys. Interact or not with funny cruel terrifying surprising dramatic scifi plots... Decide the fate of the subjects you observe: Will you help them Will you expose their most intimate secrets Track through social network profiles news... and use online shops chats emails and many more tools Manage your resources: Will you spend all your savings on buying more cages or will you pay the rent Are you healthy enough to work How many sleepless nights can you withstand before you fall exhausted Condition with your choices which end of the game you are going to live ...