Efootball PES 2020 Manchester United Edition

Efootball PES 2020 Manchester United Edition deals on PS4
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Name: Efootball PES 2020 Manchester United Edition

Platform: PS4

Genre: Soccer Games

Release Date: 10 Sep 2019

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 4012927104682


PES 2020 ushers in a new decade of industryleading football simulation with a bold promise to revolutionize football and introduce the sport to a global audience. the PES series continues its dedicated pursuit of realism taking consideration of fan feedback to bring several impactful changes that instils every moment of play with a sense of complete freedom and control. Key changes include a remastered version of master League a brandnew mode called matchday and a completely overhauled visual identity for ingame menus. huge changes are coming to fanfavourite mode master League headlined by a powerful new interactive dialogue system that puts the reins firmly in players hands when it comes to controlling story progression. This enables players to choose responses that suit their personality to drive progression and create their own personal master League story. In a brandnew mode for PES 2020 match day distils the essence of football culture into a competitive format that lifts players out of the Spectator stands and puts them onto the pitch. Align yourself with one of two different sides at the start of each weekly event where every perfectly placed Pass and showstopping goal unleashed contributes points towards victory. Beyond master League and match day numerous significant changes have been made to PES 2020 as a direct result of fan feedback. This includes upgraded trapping mechanics and new techniques; contextsensitive kick accuracy; more realistic defence...