Exist Archive: Other Side of Sky

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Name: Exist Archive: Other Side of Sky

Platform: PS4

Release Date: 18 Oct 2016

RRP: £46.30

Barcode: 0853736006118


RPG masters tri-Ace present their latest action RPG opus! 12 youths die in a strange explosion in the heart of Tokyo They awake to find themselves in a mysterious world where they have been granted immortality and god-like strength For what purpose have they been brought to this land? What unknown truths will they unravel along their journey? 50 hours of gameplay power ups skill customizations side quests secret bosses and hidden dungeons await! Your choices dictate the fate of your party and offer multiple paths to unique endings Mixing and combining attacks will affect your party chemistry Trigger special events and attack combos by balancing your Friendship Affection and Rival levels What insane skills will you unlock?! Each character attack corresponds to a button that unleashes massive devastation Maximize the punishment you dish out to enemies by building powerful combos!