Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Directors Cut

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Name: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Directors Cut

Platform: PS4

Genre: Platformer Games

Release Date: 11 Apr 2015

RRP: £15.00

Barcode: 8718591181450


Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams Directors Cut is a challenging fast-paced platformer with a twist Dash through tricky levels and transform the whole world at will in this fast-paced award-winning platformer The unique mixture of playful graphics that pack a visual punch and tight controls with the challenge of retro era platforming will blow your mind! Players can warp Giana's dream into a nightmarish world of wonder changing her abilities and interactions Players must use their skills speed brains and powers to defeat the dangers that populate her twisted dreams! Fluidly morph between two dynamically different dream worlds to solve puzzles and combat gruelling enemies Players will have to intertwine sweet Giana's twirling jump attack with Punk Giana's hammering dash attack to survive the duelling dimensions The game sets up to 4 players against each other in local PvP speed-running in an effort to push each other off the screen with the help of boosters and power-ups Smash through all obstacles! Run dash jump head bonk fire cannonballs and barrages of bullets onto your opponents Switch the level layout on the fly as you rush through dreamgates Collect gems to fill your speed booster and use your power-ups to knock out the other players Features Powerful Abilities Change Giana's personality to unlock her unique abilities - you'll need to control both sides to survive her dreams! Intuitive Controls and Smooth Gameplay Master the tight knit controls to defeat the cunning trials ah...