Helldivers: Super-Earth Ultimate Edition

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Name: Helldivers: Super-Earth Ultimate Edition

Platform: PS4

Genre: Action Games

Release Date: 28 Aug 2015

RRP: £29.99

Barcode: 0711719816348


Now the citizens of Super Earth can join the epic fight against the enemies of humanity with a physical edition of the game including all DLC add-ons and expansion packs The Helldivers are the scalpel of Super Earth's military might Squads of up to four of these elite soldiers are deployed deep into enemy territory in Hellpods - individual re-entry capsules fired from command ships in orbit Once on the ground the Helldivers must carry out a series of increasingly difficult objectives such as rescuing survivors activating and defending civilian assets or assassinating high-value targets COOPERATIVE GAMEPLAY – Teamwork is essential as all the action takes place on a shared game screen As the difficulty increases players will have to work together to complete objectives co-pilot vehicles and use advanced weapons CUSTOMISABLE LOADOUTS – Players unlock new weapons gear and stratagems – such as vehicles and airstrikes – as they progress and can choose to use any combination of their favourite equipment on every mission CROSS BUY AND CROSS PLAY – Helldivers PS4 edition includes a digital copy of the PS3 and PS Vita editions of the game And thanks to the prowess of Super Earth's gifted technicians all three versions of the game can be played together with any combination of online and offline Includes Downloadable PS3 and PS Vita versions All expansion and DLC packs Bonus weapons pack