KontrolFreek FPS Freek Call of Duty S.C.A.R.

KontrolFreek FPS Freek Call of Duty S.C.A.R. deals on PS4
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Name: KontrolFreek FPS Freek Call of Duty S.C.A.R.

Platform: PS4

Genre: Accessories

Release Date: 03 May 2016

RRP: £14.99

Barcode: 0701979993828


When the game calls for infinite performance, call on KontrolFreek® FPS Freek® Call of Duty® S.C.A.R. to get the job done. FPS Freek S.C.A.R., short for Special Combat Air Recon, embodies the spirit of the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare faction of the same name and is a must-have for all CoD fans. Crafted in collaboration with Call of Duty and Infinity Ward, FPS Freek S.C.A.R. was specially designed to help you navigate and dominate in Infinite Warfare, whether you’re fighting through land, sea or space. FPS Freek S.C.A.R. adds 10.4mm of height to existing thumbsticks, which increases range of motion by up to 136%, making aiming and small adjustments easier. The S.C.A.R. logo is laser-etched into two concave thumbsticks. The intricate skull detail, highlighted on a bold steel blue color scheme, adds more grip and comfort so you can play longer and harder than ever before. Whether your catching up on Black Ops III or gearing up for the next in the Call of Duty series, FPS Freek S.C.A.R. is the perfect ally, helping you boost your performance and style both in game and out. Increases range of motion by up to 136% Concave top enhances comfort Reduces hand and thumb fatigue Makes target acquisition faster