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Name: Maneater - Day One Edition

Platform: PS4

Genre: Role Playing Games

Release Date: 22 May 2020

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 4020628729417


You are the shark Experience the ultimate power fantasy as the apex predator of the seas a giant shark Terrorize the coastal waterways. Tear swimmers and divers limb from limb give the humans a reason to fear you. Roleplay and customize your shark with a variety of stat driven systems. Evolve different parts of your body to improve how they function or pump up your ferocity to enter brief feeding frenzies. Maneater is a singleplayer action RPG set in the Gulf Coast's unforgiving waters. Fight to survive in the open ocean swamps and rivers with danger lurking at every depth. Immerse yourself in a living breathing world full of threats and rewards. Explore sunken wrecks lurk in swamps or just cruise the open ocean looking for prey to feed on. Your only tools are your wits your jaws and an uncanny ability to evolve as you feed. Anything and everything is on the menu... kill or be killed. Maneater features a full story driven campaign that follows the shark as it seeks revenge for the murder of its mother at the hands of 'Scaly' Pete. The seas aren't big enough for both of them as they head toward a climactic confrontation. 'Scaly' Pete is a fisherman who was raised on tales of how his father was killed by a great white. Sharks gave his father no mercy he shows the beasts none in return hunting them wherever they are found. Eat explore and evolve in an open world action RPG. Play through a full narrative storybased campaign narrated by Chris Pa...