Road Rage

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Name: Road Rage

Platform: PS4

Genre: Racing Games

Release Date: 08 Nov 2016

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 0814290013738


WHEN THERE'S NO LAW TO OBEY THERE'S NO LAW TO BREAK In the broken city of Ashen lines are heavily drawn and being "in" with the right people could mean the difference between life and death You are Ace the newest member of the outlaw motorcycle club controlling Ashen with its underground crime You have two goals in life earn lots of money and ride fast With big dreams to become club president you set in motion a new strategy to fulfil the goals of the motorcycle gang using your skill on a bike to propel you into a position of ultimate control Once president you can use your crew to chase your own goals However challenging authority in Ashen simply isn't doneand being reckless could lead you to learn about the real art of war 42 story-based missions 98 total missions 11 unique and upgradable bike models customisable skins wheels weapons and more 12 unique melee weapons 11 distinct characters 40 battle moves Cinematic slow-mo effects during intense warfare 4-player online multiplayer & 4-player local multiplayer Online leaderboards True open-world gameplay - no limits Pure motorcycle action -no walking from point to point Steam Trading Cards