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Name: Samurai Warriors Spirit of Sanada

Platform: PS4

Genre: Historical Strategy Games

Release Date: 26 May 2017

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 5060327533938


Samurai Warriors Spirit of Sanada follows the events of the Sanadaclan during the events of Sengoku era Japan through the eyes of the fan-favourite officer YukimuraSanada Beginning with the early years of the Sanadaclan witness the birth of Yukimura him become the ‘Crimson Demon of War’ and his tragic demise in the Siege of Osaka Grow your Castle Town - Players will visit their Castle Town between missions and through progression of the campaign will witness it grow from a small quiet town to a busy town full of life Day & Night Cycle - Strategically plan your battles alongside the Day & Night system where during the day enemy placements and battlefields will be present but during the night players will only see locations close by Different enemy units appear at different time periods too allowing players to take advantage of these changes to get the upper hand Delve Deeper into the Sengoku Era - Talk to officers between battle to gain a greater understanding of battle the clans inner-workings and the people who reside in the Castle Town Take the “Next Step” into Battle - –Gaining intel of the battlefield outside and during battle fills up the “Next Step” gauge which when used provides temporary aid to battle such as the ability to view the entire battlefield during night and knowing enemy positions Immersive Storytelling - Through full body motion-captured animations characters come to life in an immersive narrative based in Sengoku Era Japan