SingStar Celebration

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Name: SingStar Celebration

Platform: PS4

Genre: Musical Instrument Games

Release Date: 25 Oct 2017

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 0711719926665


Karaoke! The entertainment form so beloved of small children and gigantic show-offs around the globe.And now it's easier than ever to get on the mic and show everyone you're the next Cher. Or at least the next Chesney Hawkes.In fact you don't even need microphones to play SingStar™ Celebration - just a smartphone or tablet and a Wi-Fi connection. Then you can sing into your device to your heart's content or until the neighbours call the police.SingStar™ Celebration features 30 huge hits and pumping party classics. Up to eight players can join in and there are loads of party games to play too. So whether it's your birthday New Year's Eve or just a rainy Wednesday but you went to the pub after work and had too much sherry SingStar™ Celebration the perfect way to celebrate. Just remember to bring your good times and of course your laughter too.• PARTY ON – SingStar™ Celebration turns any party into a night to remember. Especially if yo