The Persistence PSVR

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Name: The Persistence PSVR

Platform: PS4

Genre: Action Games

Release Date: 25 Jul 2018

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 0711719712510


Can you survive the persistence The persistence is a 1st person stealthsurvival horror roguelike game. Each time the player dies they are given the chance to upgrade their core stats thus improving their chance of success in the next life. You are the last survivor. Everyone else is gone; killed by their mutated and murderous exshipmates. Find the strength to save the persistence and return to earth in this terrifying stealth horror roguelike in VR. Game Features Death is Just The Beginning The Persistence is a roguelike and chances are you are going die a lot But with each new life also comes the opportunity to resequence her DNA to make ever stronger and more powerful clones in the future. Different Every Time Every life plays out differently with different enemies to face items to find and weapons to buy and upgrade. Taking time to understand the everchanging world around you is crucial to staying alive. Fight Back Seek out the weapon fabricators to create firearms melee and topsecret experimental 39;dark matter39; powered prototypes Upgrade each as you explore deeper in to the dark and terrifying depths of the Persistence. Stealth is Survival Keep out of sight and out of trouble leaning and peaking in VR to keep aware of dangers perhaps taking time to learn enemy behaviours and come up with new tactics for your next run ...