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Name: This Is the Police 2

Platform: PS4

Genre: Adventure Games

Release Date: 02 Aug 2018

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 9120080072320


Interpret the law as you see fit in This Is the Police 2 sequel to the acclaimed noir drama This Is the Police! Run the sheriff’s department manage your cops investigate interrogate incarcerate make tough decisions – and try to keep out of prison yourself! - in this story-driven mixture of adventure and strategy set in a cold border town riven with violence Welcome to Sharpwood where people know their neighbors by name and faithfully keep to their traditions no matter how barbaric those traditions might be Smugglers gangs and screaming populists call this town their home Despair grows like a cancer hand in hand with violence It’s a hell of a job for the new sheriff Lilly Reed (voiced by Sarah Hamilton of the celebrated adventure saga The Longest Journey) She’s struggling to maintain order and peace while her subordinates are uncouth men who aren’t used to taking commands from a young woman But everything changes when a mysterious stranger calling himself Warren Nash appears in Sharpwood And no one knows what he'll bring to the town salvation or perdition Jump into a surprising mix of gameplay styles Just like its predecessor This Is the Police 2 draws on different genres and mechanics merging them into a one-of-a-kind story driven experience – this time adding even more unexpected twists Is it an adventure game? A strategy? A simulation? A management game? A visual novel? A puzzle? It’s all of these and more!Participate in a harsh story where no one is completely innocent The...