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Name: Yakuza 0 Zero PS4

Platform: PS4

Genre: Action Games

Release Date: 27 Jan 2017

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 5055277033881


"The glitz glamour and unbridled decadence of the 80s are back in Yakuza 0 A prequel to the long-running series set in Japan's criminal underworld this entry introduces mainstay protagonist Kazuma Kiryu and series regular Goro Majima as they fight like hell through Tokyo and Osaka in their climb through the yakuza ranks Along the way players can interact with all the vices 1988's Japan had to offer from discos and hostess clubs to classic SEGA arcades there are tons of distractions to pursue in the richly detailed neon-lit world At its heart Yakuza 0 is a classic 3D brawler where players roaming the streets of Tokyo or Osaka will encounter all manners of goons thugs hoodlums and lowlifes to beat up Featuring an engaging combat system allowing players to switch between 3 different fighting styles instantaneously Yakuza 0 gives players fluid free-flowing fights that are easily learned and a joy to master Take combat up a notch by using environmental objects such as bicycles sign posts and car doors for bone-crunching combos and savage take-downs" A HARD BOILED CRIME DRAMA  The story follows Kazuma Kiryu as a junior yakuza member who finds himself in a world of trouble when a simple debt collection goes wrong and his mark winds up murdered Meanwhile Goro Majima is living a "normal" life as the proprieter of a cabaret club but is doing whatever it takes to rejoin the yakuza What that entails isn't exactly easy  FIGHT LIKE HELL  Kiryu and Majima can each switch between 3 brutal ha...