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Name: Hollow Knight

Platform: Switch

Genre: Platformer Games

Release Date: 12 Jul 2019

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 5060146467285


Venture down into a beautiful ruined world of insects and heroes Beneath the fading town of Dirtmouth sleeps an ancient forgotten kingdom Many are drawn beneath the surface searching for riches or glory or answers to old secrets As the enigmatic Hollow Knight you'll traverse the depths unravel its mysteries and conquer its evils Hollow Knight is an epic 2D action-adventure You'll explore twisting caverns battle tainted creatures and escape intricate traps all to solve an ancient long-hidden mystery The world of Hollow Knight is brought to life in vivid moody detail its caverns alive with bizarre and terrifying creatures each animated by hand in a traditional 2D style Every new area you'll discover is beautifully unique and strange teeming with new creatures and characters to discover The world of Hollow Knight is one worth exploring just to take in the sights and discover new wonders hidden off of the beaten path The physical edition of Hollow Knight includes all DLCsexpansions to the original game included in the disccartridge Godmaster - Take your place amongst the Gods New Characters and Quest New Boss Fights This expansion includes new characters boss fights music a new game mode as well as two new endings Lifeblood - A Kingdom Upgraded! New Boss Upgraded Bosses Tweaks and Refinements across the whole game The Grimm Troupe - Light the Nightmare Lantern Summon the Troupe New Major Quest New Boss Fights New Charms New Enemies New Friends Hidden Dreams - Mighty new foes emer...