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Name: Vaporum

Platform: Switch

Genre: Role Playing Games

Release Date: 31 May 2019

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 5060264373789


aporum is a grid-based single-player dungeon crawler game that uses a first-person perspective in an original steampunk setting he game is inspired by old-school games like ungeon aster and the ye of the eholder series and the more recent egend of rimrock and tranded in the middle of an ocean in front of a gigantic tower the hero must find out what the place is what happened there and most importantly who he is repare to fight - you’ll encounter many enemies along your path ach type has a distinctive set of strengths weaknesses and attack and defence mechanisms so you’ll have to employ different tactics to beat them hoose wisely when equipping yourself with gear; weapons differ from one another not only by damage levels and appearance but also in terms of their unique bonuses or behaviours se a wide range of skills thanks to the gadget-based system direct attacks area attacks offensive and defensive buffs etc ut be careful because while they are powerful they also drain your energy emember that some enemies are immune to certain types of attack so you will have to figure out the best way to deal with every encounter the game throws at you olve intriguing puzzles and level-wide objectives where you will need to use both your wits and reflexes hile most riddles are contained in a single room progression objectives can span entire levels or even multiple ones nstead of increasing the abilities of your human character improve your exoskeleton quip yourself with various items...