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Name: Yesterday Origins

Platform: Switch

Genre: Adventure Games

Release Date: 01 Jun 2018

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 3760156482064


Discover the latest adventure from Pendulo Studios creators of the Runaway series! Yesterday Origins will take the immortal heroes John Yesterday and his other half Pauline not only across the world but across history itself This interwoven narration gives the plot its depth and richness It’s 1481 In the dead of night young John is publically humiliated and dragged through the street He is imprisoned by the Spanish Inquisition under suspicion of witchcraft Later he undergoes an alchemical transformation making him immortal But something goes wrong after each resurrection John completely forgets who he is In the current day John is living with Pauline in Paris his immortal partner They are searching for an artefact that is needed to make the potion again During their investigation they will have to face dangerous new protagonists who want to steal their secrets… Pendulo Studios over 20 years of adventure gaming experience An original story taking place over several different eras A mix of different styles investigation thriller adventure occultism Off-the-wall dark humor typical of the studio Over 10 different places to visit and over 50 backgrounds More than 25 colorful characters An original soundtrack