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Name: Boom Street

Platform: Wii

Genre: Board Games

Release Date: 02 Jan 2012

RRP: £39.99

Barcode: 0045496401030


Players become familiar characters from the Nintendo and Dragon Quest universes in a board game that challenges them to play the real estate and stock markets wisely to win. Players race around the board trying to accumulate wealth and hit a target value while buying selling and trading property with friends and family to see who can be the first to cash out. What appears at first to be a simple property-buying board game offers multiple levels of money-maximizing opportunity.Boom Street on Nintendo Wii Features: Players move around one of more than 15 boards buying shops to build their portfolios and collecting symbols they can cash in at the bank to earn more gold to invest. It takes money to make money so racing around the board may not be the best strategy. To capitalize on their monetary gains players can make investments play the stock market purchase shops and collect shopping fees. When players buy multiple shops adjacent to