Anarchy Reigns

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Name: Anarchy Reigns

Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: Fighting Action Games

Release Date: 11 Jan 2013

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 5055277015467


Anarchy Reigns is the eagerly awaited spiritual successor to the innovative monochrome Wii game Mad World brought to you by Platinum. This game is the epitome of a brawler and is an action packed third person multiplayer that practically explodes with energy. Get ready to smash 'em slash 'em and bash 'em all into pulp because this is Anarchy Reigns; survival of the fittest. Set in the post-apocalyptic future you play as either Jack or Leo two men who are searching for a missing man a renegade traitor. On your way you will explore the desolate and ruined city of Altambra and attempt to bring order to the anarchy there. You will also meet and most probably do battle with a range of both human and cyborg characters in your fight to be the ultimate survivor. Each of these characters have their own special unique abilities and super powers as well as their own style weapon and signature kill move. These include the specialised weapon Gator Tooth; a double edged chainsaw as well as the signature kill move Snow Spikes where icicles penetrate their victim. This game offers a wide range of multiplayer modes including Tag Team Death Match Survival Mode and Battle Royale. These offer diversity in gameplay with Survival Mode pitting you against waves and waves of enemies and Battle Royale as a last one standing face off. Fight your way through with exaggerated and elaborate attacks pulverising your opponents with over the top close quarters combat being your for...