Devil May Cry 4

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Name: Devil May Cry 4

Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: Action Games

Release Date: 08 Feb 2008

RRP: £39.99

Barcode: 5050053459473


SPECIAL FEATURESHigh-definition visuals moving at 60 frames per secondBlend of familiar and new - newcomer Nero clashes with veteran DanteNew characters and environmentsSignature blend of guns and swordplayDeep combo system rewards stylish dispatching of enemiesUnique Devil Bringer arm opens up a range of combo optionsDistinct set of weaponry and moves for Nero and DanteExceed System allows Nero to charge up his sword with a throttle effect revving up to three levels with powerful attack optionsNew active style change system for Dante allows him to switch styles and weapons on the fly producing crazy combo possibilities