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Name: Fable Anniversary

Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: Role Playing Games

Release Date: 07 Feb 2014

RRP: £32.99

Barcode: 0885370664126


Pre-Order your copy to receive additional bonus Weapons & outfit DLCIncluded in the Fable Anniversary Outfits & Weapons Pack are:Scythe OutfitBlack Graduate OutfitRed Prophet OutfitBlue Guard OutfitRed Guard OutfitLute WeaponWill User's Sceptre Weapon10th Anniversary Lion's - Head Avatar HelmetFable Anniversary DescriptionAs the best-selling RPG on the original Xbox Fable pioneered every player's choice having a consequence. The world of Albion inspired gamers to fall in love with a franchise for nearly decade and counting. With Fable Anniversary players will be reminded of why the Fable franchise is so special and why there is nothing else quite like it on any other gaming platform. With all new textures and 3D models an entirely new lighting system a slick new interface achievements and all of the content from 'The Lost Chapters' Fable Anniversary is the definitive Fable experience for faithful fans and new players alike!Fable Anniversary FeaturesFully remastered HD vi