Halo 3 ODST - Classics Edition

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Name: Halo 3 ODST - Classics Edition

Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: Action Games

Release Date: 31 Mar 2011

RRP: £19.99

Barcode: 0885370231069


The year is 2552 Covenant forces control the city of New Mombasa They are searching for something beneath its darkened streets You are an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Your orders stay alive meet up with your scattered squad and escape the embattled city Fan favourite and Halo series stalwart Sergeant Avery Junior Johnson is a tough-as-nails career Marine who has been in more life or death battles than you've had hot meals He's survived more infectious Flood outbreaks greased more Covenant bad guys and earned more medals than any other twenty soldiers And now you get to walk a mile in his shoes! Dropping in as "the rookie" a new member of an elite squad of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers sent into New Mombasa on a classified recon mission you'll be armed with specialised weaponry and upgraded technology including silenced weapons and a VISR enhanced vision mode Drop feet first into a new way to play Halo with the cooperative campaign mode Firefight Form a squad of your friends over System Link or Xbox LIVE and put your skills to the ultimate test against the invading Covenant war machine for glory high scores and achievements Three all-new maps make their debut for Halo 3's traditional chart-topping multiplayer Heretic Longshore and Citadel drop in alongside the original Halo 3 Multiplayer Maps all packed in and playable from one standalone disc