Halo 4

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Name: Halo 4

Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: Childrens Adventure Software Games

Release Date: 06 Nov 2012

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 0885370430592


Halo 4 is the incredibly anticipated eighth instalment in the legendary Halo franchise featuring the signature first person shooter science fiction gameplay and released exclusively for the Xbox 360. It is set in the wake of Halo 3 and was developed by 343 Industries and published by Microsoft. Halo 4 is designed to be the first of three in a new trilogy in the Halo series entitled the Reclaimer Trilogy. Click Banner To Enlarge Halo 4: Red vs Blue: Remember to Not Forget Trailer The game takes the series in an innovative new direction and re-introduces the previous Spartan super soldier protagonist Master Chief (John-117) as Halo 4’s hero along with his AI companion Cortana. We re-encounter the pair adrift on the wreckage of the UNSC frigate Forward Unto Dawn near an unexplored Forerunner planet they will soon know as Requiem that plays home to deadly secrets. Halo 4 continues on from the aftermath of Halo 3 four years after the pair helped humanity achieve victory against the Covenant after thirty years of seemingly never-ending warfare but at a cost. Halo 4 dictates the results of how its prequel’s events unfolded and allows for the conclusion of a 100 000 year story to take shape. Halo 4 offers an immersive experience with graphically and visually stunning environments just begging you to explore them with the game’s graphic engine allowing for more detail and better lighting effects showing improvements everywhere you lo...