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Name: Just Cause Collection

Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: Adventure

Release Date: 11 Apr 2014

RRP: £13.99

Barcode: 5021290059733


Just Cause Taking inspiration not just from Grand Theft Auto but also Mercenaries and old Amiga classic Midwinter you play CIA black ops agent Rico Rodriguez as he attempts to overthrow the evil dictator of the fictional island of San Esperito Despite the huge island and the complete freedom of movement you have on it the game actually only has 21 story missions There are over 300 side missions but it quickly becomes obvious that these fall into only a very small number of different styles not all of which are all that entertaining What makes the game fun though is just wandering off and doing your own thing which invariably involves upsetting the local military or drug lords and instigating a massive impromptu firefight The game may lack depth and variety but it offers a freedom to explore and cause chaos that few others can rival Revolution defeat corruption fights for justice and lead a nation to freedom in an open ended world where everything is possible The largest environment ever seen in a game! Over 1024sq kilometres of land sea and air allowing complete gameplay freedom Over the top stunts! Jump from vehicle to vehicle skydive base jump parasail Your playground 1024 sq kilometres of mountains jungles beaches cities and villages to explore quire possibly the largest environment ever seen in the gaming world Freeform gameplay approach missions in any way you like or break off from the fight and enjoy exploring the islands landscape Massive selection of vehicles over 10...