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Name: Mortal Kombat

Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: Fighting Action Games

Release Date: 21 Apr 2011

RRP: £44.99

Barcode: 5051892024099


Mortal Kombat is the revamped and revitalised ninth instalment in the legendary and world renowned Mortal Kombat fighting game series, developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game brings the trademark style of the series with a bang by perfectly fusing this 2D fighting game with 3D graphics, and making it jam-packed with aggression and extreme violence, bringing the franchise back to its fantastic and well loved roots. The emperor Shao Kahn has brought the thunder god Raiden down to his knees in battle, finally defeating him and about to deliver the final blow to end his life for good. Raiden knows he cannot let Shao Kahn win, and casts a spell upon his now shattered magical amulet, sending it back to the past to give a message to his past self... “He must win”. In order to save the future of the world, first he must change the past, and his past self receives a premonition of the future from the amulet. Coming to the conclusion that in order to prevent the events he foresaw from becoming true, Raiden must now decipher his future self’s message, and save the future. It is up to you to rewrite history. The combat system has been re-engineered and refined, making it a highly competitive experience that can appeal to both newcomers to the gameplay, as well as those more skilled at Mortal Kombat that want to incorporate more strategy. Each character has a basic set of moves as well as standard special attacks and combos that...