Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 - Classics Edition

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Name: Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 - Classics Edition

Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: Action Games

Release Date: 09 Oct 2009

RRP: £14.99

Barcode: 3307212279925


While Logan Keller is in pursuit of Irina Morales in Mexico Six has ordered your team to Vegas. There terrorist mastermind Alvarez Cabrero is hatching a scheme to bring Sin City to its knees and it's up to your team alone to stop him from turning Vegas into a devastated inferno. Return to Sin City for the last time in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and put an end to the terrorist threat. There you'll unravel a web of betrayal that will take you beyond the events of Rainbow Six: Vegas. At a remote hideaway you'll witness the astonishing conclusion that will bring an end to the crisis in Vegas... once and for all Game Features Full PEC Experience A greatly improved PEC experience your character evolves online and offline in both singleplayer and multiplayer modes. Advanced Strategical A.I. Terrorist Leaders are now a strategic target for Rainbow leaders control respawns so when you take out the leaders enemies can no longer respawn. Terrorists Enemies have a wider variety of reactions and use ballistic shields. Team Rainbow can use the leapfrogging technique for safely approaching an area defended by an opposing force. Teammates cover each other successively when they move forward. Enhanced Multiplayer Modes Up to 16 players. Twoplayer splitscreen mode. 13 maps for coop and adversarial play including three maps from Rainbow Six: Vegas revamped maps from Rainbow. Six: Raven Shield and allnew maps. AllNew CoOp Experience CoOp Story Mode T...