Silent Hill HD - Collection

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Name: Silent Hill HD - Collection

Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: Adventure Games

Release Date: 30 Mar 2012

RRP: £29.99

Barcode: 4012927036532


Experience the horrors of Silent Hill all over again with this collection of Silent Hill 2 and 3 rendered in high-definition for the first time ever.SILENT HILL 2: You are back to the town of Silent Hill as James a man who lost his wife several years earlier. One day he receives a letter from his dead wife telling him to come back to Silent Hill but what he finds there when he returns is nothing short of horrifying.SILENT HILL 3: The series' trademark brand of psychological horror and terrifying gameplay continues. As a teenage girl named Heather players must explore and unravel the mysterious connection between the god-forsaken town and her inner fears.