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Name: The Sims 3 - Best Sellers [Xbox 360]

Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: Life Simulation Games

Release Date: 08 Jan 2013

RRP: £12.50

Barcode: 5030930103149


The number one selling PC game is finally coming to consoles as you gain even more control over the lives of your little computer people Enjoy the freedom of creating and customising every aspects of a sim's world as you control their love life their careers and their friends Just like the PC original you'll be able customise everything about the sims and their environment from designing new clothes to building and decorating their homes Neighbourhoods are now entirely open world so you can explore whole towns in one seamless adventure of shopping and socialising All-new features have been added too including new karma powers which allow you to instantly change a sim's life by blessing their romance or ensuring an "epic fail" Or you can exchange your creations with other players online - and even share achievements with friends via Facebook Being a control freak has never been so much fun The Big Time The biggest Sims game ever on consoles with new open world neighbourhoods more realistic personalities and more customisation options than ever before Dream Features Each sim has specific lifetime wishes to fulfil - or just try and satisfy their shorter term desires in everything from socialising to personal hygiene Karma Chameleon New karma powers allow you to intervene directly in a sim's love life and career but sometimes your interference can have unforeseen consequences… Console Control New control options and improved graphics ensure the game works better than ever on cons...