Toy Story Mania

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Name: Toy Story Mania

Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: Adventure Games

Release Date: 30 Nov 2012

RRP: £29.99

Barcode: 8717418377755


Toy Story Mania! is the first video game to place characters from the “Toy Story” films into a carnival game setting and is expected to resonate with fans of the films and the attraction as well as gamers who like pick-up-and-play party games. In the game players experience the fast-paced zany fun of the Toy Story Mania! theme park attraction which is an interactive experience requiring 3D glasses and involving rapid or quick-firing shooting galleries.In addition to galleries adapted from the attraction the game includes new and original galleries and a series of mini games all hosted by beloved characters from the movies. The thematically-connected levels are designed for up to four players of all ages with competitive and co-operative multiplayer options. Toy Story Mania! also includes bonus 3D features transforming the game experience with eye-popping visuals.Featres: 10 fast-paced shooting galleries - some brand new and some adapted from the theme park attraction A variety of 50+ addictive mini-games Experience bonus levels in 3D Up to 4 players Unlock and build your own toy story carnival Compete against family and friends for top prizes Team up to unlock Easter eggs and collectibles Microsoft Kinect Required: Not Supplied