Astro Gaming A40 Headset and M80 Xbox One Edition

Astro Gaming A40 Headset and M80 Xbox One Edition deals on Xbox One
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Name: Astro Gaming A40 Headset and M80 Xbox One Edition

Platform: Xbox One

Genre: Accessories

Release Date: 01 Jan 2016

RRP: £169.99

Barcode: 0817161014186


Always looking for improvements, we’ve upgraded our classic A40 headset to bring your Xbox One an even better audio experience. Designed for professionals but fit for any gamer, the A40 headset is lightweight and provides long-lasting comfort, so you can play your way. Most importantly, the A40 delivers unparalleled sound with incredible clarity, allowing you to hear even the subtlest aspects of your game’s soundscape. *In order to use this headset with the MixAmp™ Pro TR, you will need the A40 TR inline mute cable. Customisable Speaker Tags Our magnetic speaker tag system lets you personalize your pair. Buy special editions or design your own using the Speaker Tag Customiser. Superior Fit & Finish Featuring premium materials and construction, ASTROs are highly adjustable and surprisingly lightweight. Clamp them on your dome for days or turn them flat around your neck. Tuned with Astro Audio® We work with pro gamers and top audio designers to deliver the highest level of clarity at every frequency. Your games, music, and movies will sound amazing. Astro MixAmp™ M80 The MixAmp™ M80 lets you adjust your game-to-voice balancing, choose from up to 3 different EQ modes made for gaming/media, and click to mute. Best of all, it mounts directly onto your Xbox One Controller.