Don Bradman Cricket

Price History


Name: Don Bradman Cricket

Platform: Xbox One

Release Date: 17 Feb 2015

RRP: £54.17

Barcode: 9312590111617


Don Bradman Cricket includes several new features and considerable improvements over past cricket games It will be the first cricket game with a full career mode and a built-in player creator Players will be able to save multiplayer games that are in progress making it possible to play and resume entire cricket matches played online There are new innovative control schemes for batting bowling and fielding which all contrast to previous cricket titles Manual appeals will be possible as well as a decision referral system with virtual infra-red imaging Batsmen will receive a vibration indication via the controller indicating edges Players will be given the ability to walk or stand their ground both impacting the way the umpire makes decisions as the match progresses Similarly excessive unwarranted appealing from the bowling side will influence the umpire to make 5050 decisions that go against you Matches also contain a daynight cycle a first-person and broadcast camera angles dynamic weather pitch degradation and cheerleaders for T20 matches Batting and bowling controls feature full 360 shot controls and innovative line and length bowling mechanics The game focuses on watching the ball for visual indicators while batting reducing for the need for pitch markers The fielding system will allow the player to run down the ball and slide to prevent a four catch a high ball on the boundary rope or knock down the stumps to bring about a run out Ball physics give realistic edges off the ...