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Name: FIFA 15

Platform: Xbox One

Genre: Soccer Games

Release Date: 26 Sep 2014

RRP: £48.98

Barcode: 5035228112384


With Emotional Intelligence FIFA 15 XBOX One models the emotional state of all 22 players on the pitch giving fans a chance to experience first-hand the attitudes and personalities of the world’s best football players during a match FIFA 15 players now have a range of emotions that evolve contextually throughout the game based on interactions with opponents and teammates Each player has an attitude or feeling towards everyone else on the pitch and will react accordingly during the game’s events – frustration after missed passes anger with hard tackles and excitement when chances are taken are just some of the over 600 reaction animations that could tell the story of the game  In FIFA 15 XBOX One Authentic Player Visuals come to life on a Living Pitch where everything is alive and the turf evolves at every step plant or slide For the first time ever the FIFA development team utilized physically based rendering to bring atmospheres and players to life further blurring the line between the virtual and real world of football The new rendering works in combination with a new player model and rigging system to make every athlete look and feel athletic lean and true to their natural form FIFA 15 is played on a Living Pitch where boots and hard slide tackles will leave their mark as each match progresses; players will get mud and dirt on their kits Other visual details including animated LED ad boards corner flag and goal frame movement and realistic atmosphere conditions will keep f...