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Name: Gravel

Platform: Xbox One

Genre: Racing

Release Date: 02 Mar 2018

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 8059617106836


GRAVEL IS THE COMPLETE OFF ROAD EXPERIENCE! Gravel is the only title in the market that includes the most extreme mix of off-road competitions ever seen in a game! There is always competition, variety and entertainment the driver can experience through several different game modes for a never-ending fun! Thanks to Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4, Gravel offers an incredible visual quality, with realistic and impressive lighting and particle effects! MAIN FEATURES KEY VARIETY OF OFF ROAD DISCIPLINES: Gravel features four types of locations, linked to four different off-road disciplines: Cross Country, Wild Rushes, Stadium and Speed Cross for an adrenaline-fuelled combination of petrol and dirt! Cross Country - Outdoor open tracks with different layouts to explore or to conquer until the last checkpoint. Wild Rush - Wide open and dynamic environments with natural obstacles and unique scenery. Speed Cross - Real tracks and races where powerful vehicles compete in jumps and chicanes to finish first. Stadium Circuit - American Off-Road stadium with their spectacular jumps! NEW GRAPHICS ENGINE: A brand new game engine creating amazing and realistic scenes for a stunning game experience! Thanks to Unreal Engine 4, Gravel ensures large environments with authentic trees and vegetation; vehicles and environments fully reproduced 1:1 just like reality and extremely natural effects like smoke, snow, dust, dirt and more. PHYSICS: With the new Unreal Engine 4, the driving simulation as...