Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

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Name: Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

Platform: Xbox One

Genre: Action Games

Release Date: 28 Feb 2014

RRP: £34.99

Barcode: 5030943112329


Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare The Ultimate Battle for Brainz Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare digs into the trenches with an explosive new action experience Blast zombies plants and new characters across a mine-blowing world that delivers the depth of a traditional online shooter blended on high with the refreshing humour of Plant vs Zombies Take on Co-op and Multiplayer action with your friends and sow the seeds of victory! 24-player multiplayer action Choose your side plants or zombies in 24-player online battles Customization Personalise your favourite plants and zombies with hundreds of unique items and customisations 4-player online co-op and split screen co-op Join forces with friends in online 4-player cooperative mode or on the couch with split screen New plants and zombies Powerful new plants and zombies with a huge variety of abilities Expansive world Over 10 unique multiplayer and cooperative battlegrounds Xbox One Exclusive Boss Mode Garden Warfare’s take on Battlefield’s Commander Mode will offer players the opportunity to soar into airborne action with SmartGlass or Kinect Splitscreen Endless Challenge In this local cooperative mode two players will team up as plants fighting the endless horde of zombies from a split-screen perspective