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Name: TitanFall

Platform: Xbox One

Genre: Action Games

Release Date: 14 Mar 2014

RRP: £69.99

Barcode: 5035228111356


Bring in the Titans Imagine It's the future You're caught in the middle of an epic firefight In the thick of the action you look upwards Out of the sky drops an enormous 24-foot-tall weaponized behemoth And it's waiting for a pilot you This is Titanfall an intense competitive multiplayer shooter coming this March The team responsible honed its skills crafting the Call of Duty franchise so yes it's in very good hands It is no longer soldier vs soldier in this first-person shooter Titans are hugely powered and heavily armored but teamwork and well-choreographed strategy from the Pilots can bring one down Pilot or Titan how will you dominate in Titanfall? Pilots vs Titans Do you take to the warzone on foot or do you leap into the 24-foot tall metallic monstrosity? Pilots can maneuver through the fight with acrobatic grace but the Titans are absolutely brutal in strength and firepower Multiplayer-exclusive action Titanfall is being developed from the ground up as an online multiplayer experience—but with all the characters story and memorable moments of single player infused Produced by the Co-creators of Call of Duty Respawn Entertainment consists of key members of the team that lived and breathed multiplayer first-person shooters for years Titanfall accumulates that knowledge and experience and builds a brand-new take in a whole new universe