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Name: Worms WMD

Platform: Xbox One

Genre: Fantasy Strategy Games

Release Date: 26 Aug 2016

RRP: £19.99

Barcode: 5060236963970


This pre-order edition of Worms W.M.D includes the Worms W.M.D All Stars Pack, featuring an army of guest stars from some of the hottest games around! Includes: Weapons: Rocket League Octane Battle Car (Rocket League), Dubstep Gun (Saints Row IV), Goat on a Rope (Goat Simulator), Turkey Bomb (Broforce), Liberty Strike (Broforce), Minions (Orcs Must Die! Unchained), Ming Vase (Classic Worms), Kamikaze (Classic Worms) and Sheep Launcher (Classic Worms). Bonus Missions: Classics Worms x 5, Unturned Mission and Escapists Mission. Masks: Yooka-Laylee x 7, PAYDAY x 5, Goat Simulator x 3, The Escapists x 3, Orcs Must Die x 3, Unturned x 3 and Classic Worms x 3. Additional Xbox One Content: Joanna Dark Weapon (Perfect Dark) plus 5 Masks from Blast Corps, Jet Force Gemini, Jetpac, Killer Instinct and Battletoads. Lenticular (holographic) sleeve. The worms are back in their most destructive game yet. With a gorgeous, hand-drawn 2D look, brand new weapons, the introduction of crafting, vehicles and buildings plus the return of some much-loved classic weapons and gameplay, Worms W.M.D is the best worms experience ever. Work your way through 30 campaign levels of increasing difficulty using the huge arsenal of new and classic weapons at your disposal. Use new vehicles to cause chaos amongst the enemy ranks and use buildings to gain the tactical advantage as you try to dominate the battlefield! Take on up to five opponents in hilarious all-out tactical worm warfare with up t...